Protect Your Family

Computers are wonderful tools. But like so many things, they can be used for good or ill. There are dangers associated with computers like Internet addiction, pornography addiction, and dangerous pedophiles lurking in chatrooms. The following are a series of steps you can take to greatly reduce the risks inherent with having a computer in your home.

1. Put the computer in a public, high-traffic area of your home.

2. Control computer access by using passwords.

3. Use a web browser that blocks pop-ups from flashing up on your loved ones.

4. Don't let email make you see something you don't want to see.

5. Watch what your family does on the computer.

6. Talk with your family.

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"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation" (Matthew 26:41)

The most common ways people have accidentally reached pornographic content on the Web are pop-up windows (55%), misrepresented links (52%), misspelled URLs (48%) and auto links within emails (23%) Fifty Percent of Workers Spend Nine days a Year on Personal Surfing at Work. Cerberian Inc. and SonicWALL, 20 July 2004.